Our Next 30 Years

Welcome to our next 30 years

2022 marked 30 years of Mattos Filho. In commemorating this milestone, we considered the firm’s vision, culture, and business, reflecting on everything we have built and achieved over the years. With the support of the global consultancy Interbrand, we reviewed our institutional brand position to connect it even more closely to our purpose.

This was a time for strengthening values and laying the foundation for our next 30 years of growth and evolution, placing our people and clients at the center of our priorities with an essential commitment: to continue generating opportunities for everyone.

This purpose involves striving for excellence and maintaining an integrated, holistic view of business and our clients’ challenges.

"We drive transformation. We believe we should give back to society and contribute to its progress. Our purpose is to promote a positive impact through the evolution of our legal work."

Roberto Quiroga
Managing Partner

"Building trusting relationships and acting as a strategic partner with innovative legal solutions for complex demands is essential."

Pedro Dias

Our people are our transformation

In order to deliver our clients the best possible solutions, we understand we need to invest in and maintain a strong team. After all, we believe high-performance organizations are built on human relationships and the potential for everyone within to express their knowledge, collaborate, and be part of innovation.

Our professionals are active participants in transforming our culture and how we experience it on a daily basis. Engaging our leaders was therefore crucial to the success of our brand repositioning. We held a series of meetings, workshops, and discussions with the group at various stages of the process. Indeed, our professionals were the first to know about our campaign and our new, more modern visual identity. In order to facilitate their awareness of the changes, we created an internal hub with key information.

Our new brand position also emphasizes diversity. Partner Glaucia Lauletta highlighted how we seek to continue developing our talent, inspiring the market, and looking beyond the legal sector.

“A strong brand is built from the inside out, valuing, engaging, and always listening to its professionals. In a world of rapid transition and change, our firm needs to lead the transformation, which is only possible through our people."

Ive Lima
Communication & Marketing Officer

"With diverse teams, our professionals have more opportunities, and our clients have access to more creative solutions based on diverse experiences, demands, and perspectives. We believe that the firm should reflect the potential of the individuals who make up our business, expanding the boundaries and possibilities."

Glaucia Lauletta

Publicizing the campaign

We partnered with Interbrand and the advertising agency África to create a communication campaign in which a number of Mattos Filho’s professionals starred. Published in leading newspapers and on social and online media, the campaign was considered pioneering within the legal sector.

Bob Wolfenson, a renowned Brazilian portrait photographer known for his humanized, realistic approach, led the photoshoot for the campaign. One of the main components of the campaign was our manifesto video, which fused Wolfenson’s photographs of our professionals with the key messages behind our brand position.

"The campaign reflected our pioneering spirit, the essence of Mattos Filho, and what we aspire to be. A place where we bring together the best talent to lead the transformation we aim to inspire."

Moacir Zilbovicius

The evolution of our brand also involved launching a modernized version of the Mattos Filho website and our Único news portal, which now offer a more seamless, intuitive, and accessible browsing experience. To help our external audience understand the brand repositioning, the new website features a special page about our next 30 years. Furthermore, the production of our 2021 Annual Report was entirely based on the concepts of our brand repositioning and provided the market with further details about the work and concepts involved.

On social media, we launched our ‘Transformative Milestones’ series, featuring weekly posts about significant events throughout the firm's journey, such as its pioneering work regarding pro bono legal services, governance and remuneration models, as well as our Annual Report, in which we disclose our financial data as part of our commitment to transparency. We also looked at how the racial pillar in our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program was created in 2018, as well as our corporate university, which was launched in 2011. The series had a significant reach – over 19 million views and 45,000 interactions, including reactions, comments, shares, and clicks.

The online advertising campaign for our brand repositioning also achieved remarkable results – we reached the milestone of 40 million views, in addition to over 55,000 visits on our online platforms.

Important market associations also recognized the campaign’s success. The Brazilian Corporate Communication Association (Aberje) declared us the regional winners (São Paulo) in its ‘Brand’ category. At the same time, we took out the national prize in its ‘Special Publication’ category, for the 2021 edition of the Annual Report published in commemoration of our 30-year anniversary. The case regarding our new brand positioning was also recognized in the Marketing category of the first edition of the DNA/Fenalaw Prize.

Our purpose

To promote a positive impact through the evolution of our legal work.

Our values

Diversity creates value
Performance and well-being go hand in hand
Together, we are stronger
We challenge the status quo
We keep an open mind

By Bob Wolfenson

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Ive Lima
Communication & Marketing Officer
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