Strategic Partnerships: Excellence Beyond Legal Advice

Diversification at the international level

2022 was marked by increasing diversification in the areas we serve worldwide, a sign of growing recognition of our collaborative, full-service approach in foreign markets. With Brazil's GDP on the rise and the highest volume of foreign investment in Brazil in ten years, the success of our international strategy was reflected in increased demands from clients, both old and new. 

Along with our Corporate/M&A and Capital Markets practices, which have historically laid the foundations of our reputation in different countries, litigation demands – especially in relation to technology sector clients – evolved in 2022.

Mattos Filho's New York office allowed us to extend our reach to other countries such as Canada, while in Europe, our office in London helped us reach clients in countries such as France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

The firm’s country and region-specific groups have become even more prominent in this scenario. Formed by partners and lawyers with knowledge of the local cultures, these groups allow the firm to approach important companies in the global system, as well as strategic institutions such as chambers of commerce and associations, boosting relationships in several regions worldwide.

Our firm participates on the boards of various chambers of commerce (such as the German, Spanish, French, British and American Chambers of Commerce), represented by professionals with strong legal experience and global qualifications. We are extremely active in sectoral committees and strategic forums, using these spaces to network and discuss trends in a wide range of sectors. We propose topics with substantial legal repercussions, build lasting relationships grounded in trust, strengthen business, and encourage social development. 

In 2022, our international work demonstrated the potential of the firm's professionals to establish relationships in a cohesive, fluid manner. In a world of globalized business, this became evident when we brought our Compliance, White Collar Crime, and Antitrust groups together as part of a corporate investigations assignment into cross-border matters for an American client.

Our work in acquisitions in the agricultural and chemical sectors also stood out in 2022. With both sectors having high potential in Brazil in terms of innovation and investment, we worked with partner firms abroad on regulatory matters and in other areas, strengthening our relationships even further as we met clients' demands in a coordinated manner.

At the same time, foreign clients approached us directly about queries in a range of areas, such as technology, data protection and labor relations. One highlight in the latter area regarded an in-depth analysis of a layoff case for a multinational that needed to rethink its structure – this process occurred on numerous occasions in certain segments in 2022.

"Mattos Filho continues to consolidate itself as a point of reference in an increasing number of regions, countries and practices – a result of the trust in our experience and the robust relationships we build. If, initially, there was a greater focus on M&A on the international stage, our international operations have expanded to all the other practices at the firm over time. This move has exposed the world to our capacity to provide multidisciplinary, cohesive, and collaborative service, in line with the standard and complexity that global clients require."

Amadeu Ribeiro
Partner – Antitrust, based in New York

“Our US and European offices allow us to maintain close relationships with clients, other firms, chambers of commerce and other institutions in different locations, expand interactions and strengthen our representation. Mattos Filho's relationships with foreign-based clients that look at Brazil as a strategic market demonstrates how much this cross-border connection boosts results for companies."

Rodrigo Ferreira Figueiredo
Partner – Corporate/M&A, based in London

Talent development partnerships

Mattos Filho has established partnerships with various international institutions that are recognized as centers of excellence for studying law. These partnerships offer unique opportunities for our professionals and other professionals around the world to transform their lives and advance their careers through education and knowledge.

The partnerships we have forged serve as essential tools for those seeking to stand out in the market. They align with Mattos Filho's values as they encourage people to grow while also providing deep insights into business management, governance, technology, work models, law practice and other important topics.

Learn more about some international projects we carried out in 2022

Fordham Law School: 2022 saw the second edition of our program ‘Structural Issues in Law Firm Management’, conducted in partnership with Fordham University (USA). Over the span of 13 classes, the program served more than 160 students from countries such as Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Chile, the United States, Italy, Spain, Russia, and South Korea, along with some Brazilian colleagues.

The 2022 edition also involved two in-person events – one taking place at the university and the other involving a visit to our New York office. The classes also facilitated networking and provided broad views of the fundamental aspects of managing law firms.

International Knowledge Trail and Uniweek: These initiatives sought to disseminate information and present the work of some of the world’s leading educational institutions to Mattos Filho's professionals. The International Knowledge Trail saw professors from seven universities – such as Chicago, Harvard, and Columbia – provide our professionals with information on different topics within the field of law.  

Meanwhile, Uniweek involved a week of meetings with representatives of renowned foreign institutions in answering questions about LL.M. programs and introducing our lawyers to internationally recognized training courses.

Inspiring Latin America: transforming challenges into growth opportunities

For multinationals that establish ties with Latin America, one of the standout factors they find is the region’s power to transform countless obstacles into potential development opportunities for people and organizations. Often, when investors start thinking about establishing businesses in Brazil or neighboring countries, they end up analyzing the region as a whole.

In a scenario that has historically been receptive to investment and the work of international players, Mattos Filho uses its strategic presence in Brazil and our professionals' profound knowledge of the region's culture to act as a hub for information, business and services.

Our firm is immersed in Latin America beyond Brazil’s borders. In 2022, we carried out large-scale transactions in segments such as oil and gas, energy and medical equipment. The region’s mineral resources and biodiversity also became more present on our clients' radar. Our practices’ work in transactional, infrastructure and regulatory matters particularly stood out.

"Mattos Filho works with several top Latin American law firms, helping clients to expand their activities throughout the region. Even though there are nations in Latin America with specific characteristics, their overall cultural similarities and geopolitical context, as well as our connections with important firms in these countries, help clients feel secure in expanding their business across national borders."

Paula Vieira
Partner – Corporate/M&A

As Latin America’s largest country and most robust economy, Brazil also offers other advantages beyond law and business.

Each country in the region faces a number of similar issues, including issues related to racial and gender equity, the environment, education, human rights and access to justice. This has motivated partner firms in Latin America to seek us out more frequently in order to understand how they can implement initiatives in these fields, engage in commitments such as the Net Zero Lawyers Alliance and the Law Firm Antiracism Alliance, or improve their ESG performance.

“Diversity is part of our DNA; it shapes our culture, permeates our workforce, how we operate in the market and serve clients. This translates into a very ethical, inclusive, and civically responsible way of acting – the way we build bridges and evolve," Paula added.

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