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Information and data security to drive transformation with high credibility

In 2022, we boosted the use of automation, artificial intelligence and data analysis to support our ability to conduct our work in a highly secure environment without neglecting the benefits of human experience.

These technologies are an essential part of our preparation to face new challenges. They are part of a structure that ensures innovation and dynamism for both professionals and clients, while also guaranteeing their information is protected in line with standards endorsed by Brazilian and international certifications.

Our commitment to protecting clients’ privacy and data is reflected in our culture, with tools and processes continually updated. Our Information Security Awareness Program includes regular training on data privacy and other topics, and the theme of hybrid work was also incorporated in 2022. With our professionals returning to our offices within the new model, training in this aspect has become essential in maintaining secure access.

2022 also saw us invest further in technological infrastructure to enable operational efficiency both remotely and in person. At every stage of returning to the office, we provided a welcoming environment with minimal impact on business flows, ensuring comfort for our teams and versatility in how we receive and serve our clients.

At the same time, we continued to expand our focus on planning and managing security and integrity solutions. Together with the firm’s internal Integrit Committee (featuring a number of the firm’s leaders), our dedicated Information Security team – with professionals holding international qualifications – enhances the visibility of this issue within Mattos Filho and consolidates our status as a leader in data confidentiality and handling. These initiatives and efforts aim to offer our clients more comfort and peace of mind.

We renewed our ISO 27001 certification in 2022, which confirms the firm has a reliable space for handling, storing, and processing information. Throughout the process, we had thesupport of a specialized consultancy, which conducted a diagnosis of our environment and assessed the maturity of our controls and information security.

At the end of the year, an independent certifier conducted a comprehensive audit and attested to the firm's compliance with the standard's requirements.

Data protection is just a starting point

We deal with large-scale flows of confidential and strategic information every day. To safeguard how it is used and protected, our compliance project continuously invests in technologies to monitor data processing, control access to internal structures, and prevent inappropriate procedures without interruption.

One of the key focuses of our governance program concerns following the Brazilian Data Protection Agency’s (ANPD) guidelines and directions to continually adapt internal processes in full compliance with the Brazilian General Data Protection Law (LGPD). Within the context of ISO 27001, we frequently map out the firm's practices to verify conduct within each of them, ensuring that processes and standards remain in compliance with the legislation.

This analysis functions as if each area of the firm had a ‘customized consultancy’ acording to their needs and ways of using data. Meetings are then held with the teams to review important concepts ad procedures for maintaining the most secure environment possible.

In order to reinforce these points, we released an LGPD handbook containing important security-related topics, as well as professionals’ responsibilities and an overview of the firm’s structures for handling the subject. Available for daily consultation, it also provides guidance on processing personal data in cases where third parties request or question the use of information.

A digital future with people, performance, and transformation

According to our Technology & Knowledge Officer, Leonardo Brandileone, the organization and use of data represented two important pillars of the firm’s IT strategy in 2022.

Focused on this evolution, a dedicated team continues to map out routines within our legal and administrative areas in order to propose new technologies that streamline tasks, allowing professionals to dedicate themselves to more strategic activities. At the same time, software and platforms handle other operational matters.

The current phase of the firm's digital transformation includes creating a series of dashboards focused on people management, financial efficiency, productivity, and market information. These tools enable us to better structure our knowledge bases and support decision-making.

We made significant advancements in 2022 regarding the strategic use of data and increased process automation. Our cloud-based Electronic Document Management (EDM) system now offers new functions and enhanced security for professionals, with automatic e-mail archiving organized by themes, as well as improved search agility, a new research portal and increased mobility with smartphone access.

"We strengthened the model to take automation and process simplification further into account, making efforts to propose even more agile and effective solutions both internally and for our clients."

Leonardo Brandileone
Technology & Knowledge Officer

"Undoubtedly, we are seeing a new way of working and practicing law. As we combine complex legal solutions with advanced technological resources, there are great gains to be made. We recognize an atmosphere of tremendous creative drive and productivity within the firm, resulting in increasingly well-crafted, agile, and efficient results for clients."

Fabio Kujawski
Partner – Technology

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