A Look Toward the Future

In 2022, we celebrated 30 years of our forward-looking vision. A vision focused on learning, achievements, and the essential role of our people in the transformation we seek to drive in both the market and society.

It was a year that provided challenges on various fronts. As we transitioned to a hybrid work model, we established a new, balanced way of working based on flexibility and individual well-being. Whether in person or remotely, we sought to enhance collaboration and active listening to create the best possible environment for ideas to flourish and materialize, inspiring different possibilities and continuing our strong legacy.

In the wake of the pandemic, new demands from society have prompted us to reflect. New obstacles emerged alongside previously existing ones as the world faced issues such as the war in Ukraine, industrial input shortages, logistical issues, and turbulence in many of the major economies. In Brazil, in particular, rising inequality and the presidential elections also generated certain doubts and expectations. In each of these moments, we stood alongside people, supporting them in facing their challenges and identifying opportunities.

Given the profound changes of recent times, we returned to the office marked by everything we experienced – yet also determined to transform the situation in the manner that we have always done at Mattos Filho. Without losing sight of the firm's purpose, essence, and reason for our existence. Believing in our people, our partners, our clients, and the potential of each of them as agents of transformation.

Despite the challenges of 2022, Brazil’s legal market performed well in various areas such as litigation, infrastructure, corporate law, tax, and banking. In 2022, we remained steadfast in our determination to keep developing the firm and pursue opportunities in search of excellence. We launched projects to improve internal processes and make them more agile and innovative. In harnessing artificial intelligence tools and strengthening data analysis, we were able to increase efficiency, enhance data security, and improve on the results of our work.

In looking beyond the legal realm as an ideal business partner, we expanded the boundaries of innovation. Through a new brand focused on connecting startups, clients, and professionals at the firm, we foster entrepreneurship to support companies in transforming and tackling their challenges head-on. From this, attix was born. It is not just a way to prepare Mattos Filho for the future; it is a way to help those around us prepare as well.

The path to the future is forged collectively with ethical, transparent relationships. In 2022, our humanized approach saw us provide people-related issues with even more visibility. In valuing our diverse talent, we boosted our equity programs and incentivized the participation and input of minority groups. We strengthened support channels and actively listened to professionals, assisting their growth. We rethought processes to stimulate professional development throughout all stages, from interns to partners, nurturing their management and leadership skills, as well as their potential.

Our 30th anniversary arrived at a moment of accelerated change across various facets of society. Over the past few years, we have prioritized projects and initiatives that have strengthened our institutional foundations. The corporate and governance models we adopted in 2009 have ensured tranquility and stability in how the firm as a whole is managed. In the next step along this path, we are pleased to announce that Pedro Whitaker de Souza Dias will be Mattos Filho’s next managing partner, and will assume the position in April 2024. A member of the firm's executive committee for the last seven years, Pedro will take on the responsibilities of the position during a transition phase until his official term begins.

In light of current developments, we invited our Infrastructure & Energy associate Thais Guilherme to join current managing partner Roberto Quiroga for a special conversation about these and other topics.

The conversation, which discusses careers, legacy, and the future of the firm, can be viewed below.

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